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RHIB Unlimited specializes in refurbishing RHIBs from 24 to 36 feet. Most of our boats are military, or Coast Guard boats (SAFE Boats), the uses of these boats can range from commercial, recreational, security, workboats, or movie rentals/contracts for buybacks, etc.

Unlike many dealers and private individuals, our boats are gone through from top to bottom, inside and out even down to extensive sea-trialing in rigid conditions. We do all our own work. Our profession has been in the marine business, designing electrical systems, re-powers, rewires, to complete retrofitting. We have worked on projects from LA County Sheriffs, Navy, commercial ferries, to very lucrative private parties.

Price and reliability are always a concern, especially today. We provide both, in return for repeat business and friendships throughout the world. If you’re in the business of security, diving, fishing, snorkeling, ocean rafting or just pleasure boating my inventory will provide you with reliability, safety, and efficiency for a fraction of the cost new.

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